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If you're laid off & given a severance package, contact a workplace attorney. The lawyers at Larabee Law Firm will make sure your severance package is fair.

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In today’s economy, many workers are losing their jobs due to company downsizing and restructuring. If your employer presents you with a severance package, you’re under no obligation to agree to the terms right away – and you shouldn’t. An employment lawyer can help you make sense of important provisions and clauses and negotiate to rewrite or remove unfavorable language. At the Larabee Law Office, we can review and negotiate severance packages, non-compete agreements, and confidentiality clauses to protect your right to a successful future.

Severance Package Negotiation

If you’re anticipating a layoff, your company is probably looking for the least expensive way to end the relationship. Unfortunately, there is no requirement under California law that says employers must provide severance pay to an employee upon termination. If a severance package is included in your employment contract, however, an attorney can help you understand the terms and negotiate them if needed. At the Larabee Law Office, we can review and negotiate:

  • The precise amount of money you will receive from your employer, as well as whether you will get a lump sum or monthly or weekly payments

  • The benefits you will continue to receive from your employer after termination or layoff, as well as the date the benefits will end

  • A positive letter of reference and a neutral reason for your termination to enhance your marketability to future employers

  • Money your employer owes you for unused vacation time or unreimbursed expenses and a date by which he or she must pay

  • A more balanced release of claims, for example, making the release mutual so the employer must release any claims he or she has against you

  • A non-disparagement clause that prohibits the employer from making negative remarks when providing references to future employers

As you can see, severance agreements can be full of landmines that are difficult to navigate. If your severance agreement doesn’t thoroughly explain each provision or if your employer asks you to sign a waiver of release and you’re unsure of the claims you are giving up, an employment lawyer can translate the language into plain terms so you can make informed decisions for your future.

Non-Compete and Confidentiality Negotiations

Aside from the value of your severance package, you should be aware of any clauses that could impede your freedom to transition into a new career environment – specifically, non-compete agreements and confidentiality clauses. At the Larabee Law Office, we can review, advise, and negotiate:

non-compete agreements San Diego.

The validity and enforceability of any non-compete agreements that may attempt to limit the time and scope of where or for whom you may work


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The return of all proprietary information that is valuable to the employee so it can be used in future employment


Non-solicitation clause in severance package.

A reasonable non-solicitation clause that prohibits you from approaching the same clients or customers your current employer serves

These are just a few of the key issues to consider when negotiating a severance package. Even if the initial draft of your agreement seems fair, it’s what’s missing that could leave you unprotected. At the Larabee Law Office, our experienced employment attorneys will go through your non-compete agreement and confidentiality clause piece by piece to protect you from needlessly waiving your rights or leaving money on the table.



Signing an employment contract or accepting a severance package without fully comprehending the terms can have serious implications for your future. If your employer has presented you with a contract, whether before employment or upon termination, the Larabee Law Firm can help you understand your rights and maximize your leverage for a mutually beneficial agreement.